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2012 Texas State Water Plan

This application displays water planning information on which the 2012 State Water Plan is based. Each water user group is mapped to a single point near its primary location; therefore, an entity with a large or multiple service areas may be displayed outside the specific area being queried. The map views are schematic, summarizing and displaying available data with some limitations. Some water sources, for example, may not be shown on the map but will be appear in tables below.

For additional information see the 2012 State Water Plan or the 2011 Regional Water Plans.

Projected water demand is the quantity of water projected to meet the overall necessities of a water user group in a specific future year.

Existing water supplies are the maximum amount of water available from existing sources for use during drought of record conditions that is physically and legally available for use.

Identified water needs are projected water demands in excess of existing water supplies during drought of record conditions (i.e., potential shortage if no water management strategy is implemented).

A recommended water management strategy is a specific project or action to increase water supply or maximize existing supply to meet a specific need.

Water management strategies and volumes shown are those associated with water user groups. Some additional volumes associated solely with wholesale provider strategies are not shown.

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Some entities (e.g., county-wide entities) have overlapping locations. Clicking on such entities will expand the group so that they may be viewed individually.